Marc Potts

Dver commented on the seidhrkona painting I included in my last post, and I realized that the artist (who I just discovered this morning while doing a Google image search for seidhr imagery) probably deserves a post of his own.  This is exactly the sort of dark, rich imagery I love, inspired by folklore, nature and the spirit realms.

You can explore his amazing gallery for yourself online here.  There are no prints listed for sale yet, but hopefully soon!


3 thoughts on “Marc Potts

  1. Looking at his stuff more, I realize I am already familiar with his work – very Froudian style, but darker. However, I didn’t know he was the artist behind one of my favorite Herne-type paintings (, which you’ll recognize, as it’s hanging next to my daimon’s shrine! Also really love “The Hobgoblin’s Hat” which also reminds me of that Certain Someone.

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