Christmas in July sale on Etsy

My Etsy store is participating in the Etsy community Christmas in July sale!  From now through July 25th, prices on my Green Man and Little Red Riding Hood (both from the Litchcraft Poppets collection) are reduced to $18 plus shipping.  Also, shipping for any Dream Poppet is FREE through July 25th (for domestic orders only; if you are outside the US and want a dream poppet, I will reduce the doll to $10 in lieu of offering the free shipping).

Enjoy the sale!!!


5 thoughts on “Christmas in July sale on Etsy”

  1. For those of us living outside the U.S., would we still get the free shipping? Heh.

    I’ve been waiting out getting a dream poppet (money issues, etc), but now seems as good a time as any… 🙂

    1. Unfortunately no, I can’t offer free shipping outside the US because it might very well end up costing me more to sell the doll than not to sell it. Sorry. 😦 Thank you for bringing that up though; I hadn’t even thought about international shipping, since it hasn’t been an issue yet.

    2. ok, since I hadn’t really thought the international shipping question through (and honestly, I have no idea what shipping would cost me), I’m reducing the dream dolls to $10 for international customers only, through the 25th.

      1. Well.. re: first comment

        Bugger! Well, I still plan on purchasing one.

        re: second comment

        Woo hoo! 😀 I’ll have to figure out how I’m going to buy one, but I will! Just as soon as I figure out something. 🙂

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