New collection: the Dream Poppets

I am happy and excited to present the Dream Poppets, my brand-new line of dream pillows in doll form (now available at the SubRosa Etsy store.) Each dream poppet is nine inches tall, made of hand-stitched cool, crisp 100% cotton recycled/up-cycled fabric that’s the same texture as sheet fabric to ensure comfortable sleep and sweet dreams.  (Perfect for summer lounging!)  They are stuffed with clean new poly-fil and a certified organic dream herb mix, with one additional herb added depending on the particular doll. All of my herbs are vibrantly fresh dried plant material from Mountain Rose Herbs, and are either certified organic or certified free of chemicals.

While with my Lichcraft Poppets the focus is on devotion to a particular god or goddess, with the Dream Poppets your selection should be based on what type of dreams you are seeking: the Egyptian dwarf-god Bes for protection from nightmares; the Celtic goddess Epona (pictured above) for positive, hopeful dreams and help manifesting them in your life; the Greek god Morpheus for developing the ability to dream lucidly; or the Greek god Aesclepius for healing dreams.

Each doll comes packaged with an additional handful of his or her particular dream herbs mixture, and you can store your doll in its box with the herbs when not in use to refresh the fragrance. The dream herb mixture contains organic mugwort, rose petals, organic rosemary, organic lavender, chamomile and hops flowers, orris root, and a blend of aromatherapy-grade essential oils.

To see the rest of the Dream Poppets in the collection and read more about each individual doll, please visit me on Etsy.

– Beth


2 thoughts on “New collection: the Dream Poppets”

  1. First: I love the layout of the blog; it’s so pretty! Second, and more importantly: YAY DREAM POPPETS!! These are gorgeous dolls, simple, much more simple than the Lichcraft line, but so very snuggly and wonderful and pretty. I love the cotton fabric, I love the little charms, I love their snug-ability. You’ve done a great job with these.

  2. I can attest to how great these are in person! They smell amazing (without being overpowering), and are a good size and texture for sleeping with. And such a great idea! Good luck with them!

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